Stimulus Facts

The Federal Government has signed off on a $2 trillion stimulus bill that takes aim at the growing burden upon the American people and the economy. But what does that mean for you, the average American? 

service worker survey

Service Workers Survey

Do you work in the service industry? Do you know someone who does? We’re collecting information from service workers about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives to advocate for policy supporting impacted workers.

Covid Facts Podcast

Follow us on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play as Ribal Abdulrahim and Tyler Stitt tell you what to know and how to help, each week for as long as they’re able. 

Who We Are:

12 Graduate research students specializing in Media Advocacy: Strategic Communications for Social Change, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Our Mission:

1. Research the unseen impacts of the coronavirus on disenfranchised communities

2. Draft strategic policy positions & briefs based on our findings

3. Publish  our data, creative communications, and other work for advocacy use

We transformed our research class into a COVID-19 communications task-force. Among us are journalists, social workers, former educators, social media influencers, community organizers, and much, much more.  

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