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Be a Mythbuster

The World Health Organization produces “Mythbuster” graphics that correct common disinformation. Share them with your network and become part of solution against false facts. 


Give to a Cause

The Boston Resiliency Fund is coordinating the city’s efforts to support City of Boston residents most affected by the coronavirus.


Make Masks

Deaconess made this video that teaches you how to make medical grade masks. They’ve also setup an exchange where mask-makers can find organizations in need, and vice-versa. 



Practice Safe Social Distancing, WHO

This video by the World Health Organization (WHO) covers basic questions like what products to clean your hands with, how to cough, symptom identification, and many more. 

4-Things You Can Do Now, NYT

Prevent Infection, Prepare, Stay Home, Recover from illness. This comprehensive guide from the New York Times provides a full look at what you can do at each stage of dealing with COVID-19.


Service Workers Survey

Do you work in the service industry? Do you know someone who does? We’re collecting information from service workers about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives. 

service worker survey

Get Facts

Inform yourself with our resource list and share it with others.

covid facts

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